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Travel Insurance Direct


Travel Insurance With Sailing

Sailing Holidays (read full terms and conditions) covered as a standard along with many other sports and activities with no additional charge.

Travel Insurance - Key Benefits

Medical Expenses

We will pay medical expenses and hospital fees, including any costs of getting you to hospital (land, water, or air ambulance) if you were to fall sick or injure yourself. If medical staff consider you require medical emergency repatriation, the costs of getting you home, (with a trained nurse or doctor if required) are included in the cover. Emergency dental treatment is covered up to £200.


Baggage Insurance

Covers for the loss or theft of your personal belongings up to £1,500. Valuables such as camera equipment, jewellery, and even mobile phones are insured up to £500 in total. In general there is a single item limit of £500. Limited cover is available where there is no proof of purchase. 


Travel Documents

Tickets, visas and passports are insured against loss or theft and consequential costs up to £250. 


Baggage Delay

We will reimburse you the cost of purchasing necessities in the event of your baggage being delayed or lost for more than 24 hours. 


Cancellation or Curtailment

If you have to cancel your holiday or cut it short due to the sickness or injury of a close member of the family, someone you are travelling with or staying with we cover any expenses which you are not able to get back

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Vehicle Rescue Direct


Euro Breakdown Cover

Roadside Assistance & Roadside Recovery

Whether you breakdown or have been involved in an accident, all our policies include up to one hour's roadside assistance or recovery to a local place or repair if your car or motorcycle cannot be made roadworthy within that time. And if you are towing a trailer or caravan we will recover that too.


Fast and Efficient Response

AXA Assistance offers a fast and efficient response service, whether using their own vehicles or one of a vast network thoroughly vetted breakdown service operators.

With an average response time of forty minutes and with up to eight out of ten breakdowns being fixed roadside, we are here to get you back on the road with the minimum of fuss.


Nationwide Recovery / Onward Travel

When you are stuck away from home and your car or motorcycle cannot be fixed in a day, our Rescue Nationwide, Rescue Plus and Rescue Plus Europe policies provide for onward travel to your destination or recovery to your home (or a garage close to your home).


At Home Breakdown Assistance

When your car or motorcycle wont start or breaks down at home, or close to your home, the Rescue Plus and Rescue Plus Europe polices we will give you the additional cover to receive assistance and help to get on the road again.


European Roadside Assistance

We are able to provide roadside assistance and recovery for single trips within most European countries. Cover includes repatriation of your car or motorcycle of it cannot be repaired abroad.

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Vehicle Rescue Direct


Activity Topup Insurance

Whether you need to protect your income, are travelling abroad or wanting protection at home, we cover for most eventualities. Our products are tailored to amateurs or semi-professionals (earning less than £4,000 per year through their sport) taking part in sports and activities including competitions. Get instant quotes and buy online today.

Main Features & Benefits

400 sports covered including competitions

Discounts for couples, families and groups

Cover documents emailed straight away

Cover for those up to 75 years

24hr emergency assistance

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